MEPCO Meter Reading 2024 Easy Guide

Normally, people need to learn about actual meter readings before making claims about the improper MEPCO meter reading process. If you know about manual meter reading, it’s really good for you to avoid any extra meter reading issues. Every month, you can check by yourself that either your monthly billing is as per your actual electricity consumption or there is any deficiency in meter reading by MEPCO meter reading staff. You can also check your monthly online MEPCO bill by your reference number.

 In this article, I will briefly explain the procedures for reading MEPCO meter bills and calculating the energy consumption formula. 

Understanding Digital Electric Meter Display

mepco Meter Reading

The electricity meter basically displays five elements on its screen. All these elements are very important parts of the meter: power, reverse, imp/kWh, neutral, and earth. Let’s have a deep look at each element in detail.

Power: Power displays the meter’s current on and off states.

Reverse: If your connection begins sending power to WAPDA instead of receiving it, or if the direction of your input and output supply terminals is reversed, this light will blink.

 Imp/kWh: Every meter shows a constant blink, and every 3200 pulses ( sometimes 1000, depending on the manufacturer) is then used to count one unit of electricity.

 Neutral: This light will turn on if your home’s neutral is missing.

 Earth: If the earth system is turned on in your house, it will blink.

Step-by-Step Guide for MEPCO Meter Reading

The MEPCO Meter reading involves no difficult steps; it is as easy as a “piece of cake.” After understanding these steps, one can easily read an electricity meter.

  • Before starting the meter reading, you must know your meter number. Every meter has a unique number as an identification, assigned at the time of meter issuance. Normally, it is manually written on a meter.
  • Additionally, the meter display shows the maximum load for the previous and current months. To determine the overall amount of electricity used during the current month, subtract this month’s load from the prior month’s load.
  • The Instantaneous KW category shows the load used during the meter reading.

How to Calculate Energy Consumption by Electricity Meter Reading?

Kilowatt-hours (kWh) are used to measure the amount of electricity consumed. When current (one ampere) and voltage (one volt) are multiplied in an electrical circuit, the result is one watt of power. A kilowatt equals 1000 watts of power, and an hour’s electricity equals one kWh.

The formula for calculating kilowatt-hour is simple and easy to write down below.

KWh= (Watts * hours)/1000

Let me explain with an example how to calculate the KWh per your 3000 consumed over 3 hours.

KWh=(3000 * 3)/1000


KWh= 3

Digital Electric Meter Reading Via Mobile (Android) APP

Pakistan Information Technology Company’s digital meter reading system was recently upgraded. To make checking the electricity meter reading more efficient for DISCO employees, PITC introduced a mobile app. This system will increase energy users’ satisfaction and confidence in DISCO management.

  • This Android app is designed for MEPCO staff to avoid manual meter reading errors and maintain accuracy in the meter reading process.
  • The best part is that this app is simple and easy to use.
  • Its capacity to display MR images on customer bills may reduce complaints regarding erroneous meter readings.
  • This app is very helpful for customer satisfaction and has built great customer trust.

So, by understanding the meter reading procedure, it becomes very easy to access your actual MEPCO bill based on actual consumption. If you find any deficiency in your bill, you can get it corrected through the MEPCO Helpline.

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