MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking – Complete Procedure 2024

If you’ve applied for a new MEPCO connection and settled the installation charges, the subsequent action is to monitor your application and Demand Notice status either online or by visiting a Customer Care Center. Opting for online MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking is not only simpler but also more time-efficient, requiring just a few steps to complete. Let’s explore how to verify the status of your new meter application and track the MEPCO demand notice online!

MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking

Online Procedure of MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking

To request a new electricity meter due to relocation or to manage increased load, start by obtaining the application form from the nearest Customer Care Center or by downloading it from various websites such as the official FESCO website or the Electricity New Connection Portal (ENC).

Subsequently, complete the application form, attach the necessary documents, and submit it to the MEPCO office. Additionally, you must pay the demand notice fee through a bank or other available options to finalize the application process.

Refer to the article “New Connection” for comprehensive details.

Following the application process, you’ll receive a specific timeframe for meter installation. However, if there are delays in installation, knowing how to track your application and DN online is crucial to avoid inconvenience and multiple visits to the MEPCO office.

Hence, this article outlines quick methods for MEPCO customers to check the status of their application and demand notices online. Let’s delve into these methods!

MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking through ENC Portal

The MEPCO Demand Notice serves as a legal document or challan form issued by the Multan Electric Power Company to customers upon application for a new meter connection. To track the demand notice through ENC, MEPCO consumers can follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Visit the official portal of Electricity New Connection at ENC and locate the ‘Track’ tab situated on the left side of the screen.
  2. Upon clicking the ‘Track’ tab, two options will be displayed: ‘New Connection’ and ‘Change of Load/Tariff/Name’. Choose the ‘New Connection’ option to proceed with checking the status of your application.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select ‘MEPCO’ as the Electricity Distribution Company. Then, input your Application Number or Tracking ID into the designated field and click ‘Submit’. The Tracking ID is provided by MEPCO staff to every applicant during the new meter connection application process.
  4. The ENC application status for the issuance of the Demand Notice will be shown on the screen. If the company has issued your DN, print it out, pay the Demand Notice fee, and submit the receipt to the appropriate office.

MEPCO Demand Notice Tracking ID for New Connection

During the process of applying for a new electricity connection, MEPCO staff provides electricity consumers with a unique Tracking ID or Application Number. This identification code serves as a key element in the application process, facilitating efficient tracking of the status of your application or Demand Notice. With this assigned identifier, consumers can easily monitor the progress of their requests through official MEPCO websites or portals, ensuring transparency and ease of access to pertinent information regarding their electricity connection.


You have the option to download the demand notice by inputting your tracking ID on the ENC website. After downloading, the demand notice must be settled through the designated bank. Following payment, submit the paid copy of the demand notice to the appropriate office. The requested alterations will be implemented after verifying the payment of the demand notice.

Apply for New Electricity Meter Connection
1. A duplicate of a neighboring MEPCO electricity invoice.
2. Documentation proving ownership of your property.
3. A certified copy of your CNIC.
4. A certified copy of a witness’s CNIC.
5. The wiring contractor’s assessment report for your residence.

Wiring test report is called Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). It is a necessary electrical assessment that comprehensively evaluates wiring installations and systems. It requires the expertise of a qualified electrical engineer as it primarily involves inspecting elements that are not visible to the unaided eye.

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