Best MEPCO Bill Payment options in 2024

Paying the MEPCO Bill Payment on time can be a stressful task for the consumer.  People have to stand in long queues for the whole day to pay their bill on time. If there is even the slightest delay in Paying the bill, extra charges can  become a source of disappointment for consumers. Moreover, these days, everyone is busy trying to find the easiest and efficient way to overcome this problem.

 MEPCO has introduced several  options for MEPCO bill payment methods. Now you can pay your MEPCO bill online  through an ATM ,NAYA Pay, retail shop , mobile wallet through jazzcash and easypaisa  and MEPCO site portal.  In this way m you don’t have to face the hassle of standing in queues all day. You can pay your bills at home and save your valuable time .

Best MEPCO Bill Payment options in 2024

MEPCO bill payment methods

Here are some methods that we can use to  pay the  MEPCO bill online. 

  • Jazzcash MEPCO payment
  • Easypaisa MEPCO payment
  • ATM Payment
  • MEPCO’s Official Website

Jazzcash MEPCO payment:

You can pay your electricity bills through jazzcash from anywhere, anytime in seconds. Seconds and avoid your late fees . Follow these steps 

  • Login to the  official Jazzcash app
  • Go to the section of “Bill Payment”
  • Select Electricity and choose MEPCO 
  • Enter Your MEPCO reference number and click on fetch button
  • This app will automatically show your bill detail like amount due and date
  • Tap on confirm to pay the bill
  • You will receive a confirmation message once your payment is successful.
  • Save the receipt in your mobile gallery. 

Easypaisa MEPCO payment

You can also use easypaisa to pay your MEPCO bill Payment online  by following the same process that we used in Jazzcash MEPCO bill Payment.

  • Login to easypaisa account and go to the bill payment section
  • select electricity>choose MEPCO> Enter MEPCO reference number
  • Fetch bill details by click on the “fetch” button
  • confirm the bill

ATM Payment

If you prefer a more hands on approach for  paying MEPCO electricity bill directly instead of using a smartphone app , then you can use an ATM machine of the bank, ATM’s of many banks allow you to pay bills online. 

  • Just Insert your card
  • Enter your pin
  • Select the bill Payment section
  • Choose MEPCO and enter your consumer number
  • Confirm the payment

Here is the list of bank which allows you to pay your electricity bills online

Meezan BankMeezan Bank | The Premier Islamic BankAndroid | iPhone
Standard Chartered
Standard CharteredAndroid | iPhone
UBL BankUBL | Where you come first Android | iPhone
National Bank
National Bank of Pakistan
Android | iPhone

MEPCO’s Official Website

You can also use MEPCO’s official website for paying the MEPCO bill payment directly from the portal . It is the easiest method of paying the bill for us . just go to the portal , navigate to the bill payment section, enter your consumer number . They will fetch your bill details and then you can pay your bill from a banking or mobile wallet ( jazzcash or easypaisa).

Advantages of Digital payment for MEPCO bill

Here are some benefits 

  • It saves our valuable time
  • Provides flexibility
  • Reduce the risk of late Payment and avoid penalties
  • Secure MEPCO bill payment 


MEPCO bill payments have been greatly improved with easy-to-use digital methods. Now you can pay your MEPCO bill anytime and anywhere from any of these digital apps like jazzcash , Nayapay , official MEPCO website etc.  All of these apps are easy to use . If you are paying a bill online for the first time just follow the instructions that are mentioned above. We recommended you to pay your bill online because it is the most easy way to pay electricity bills. You only need to have an internet connection ton pay bills online . It deosn’t matter where you are at what time.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, you need a verified account to paying your bill online 

Yes , but you  also have to pay the late extra charges .

After the approval of the relevant officer. You can pay your bill in instalments.

Visit the site  and print your bill free and pay your bill.

If you face any issue with the electricity bill payment process then contact MEPCO’s customer service for help and guidance to resolve the problem.

Yes,  It is safe to use all the apps that are mentioned above like jazzcash , easypaisa , bank etc.

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