Pay MEPCO Bill in Installments and Extensions in Due Date

In this era of inflation, everybody worries about their huge electricity bills. You must pay a late surcharge if you do not pay your bill by the given date. If you cannot pay all at once, you can now apply to pay the MEPCO bill in installments of the bill and an extension of the due date.

Submit an application to the nearest MEPCO office for the installment and extension of the bill by the due date. For further information, you need to call the MEPCO helpline. Let’s look at which level of MEPCO officer approval is required for bill payment in installation and extension in due dates based on your bill amount.

Rules and Policies of MEPCO on Electricity Bills

You must follow the procedures below before applying to MEPCO for monthly bill installments. 

  • The bill installment policy does not apply to existing bills you may only pay pending dues in installments as per Multan Electric Power Company rules.
  • The billing installments option applies only to customers whose electricity bills for the previous six months were clear without delay.
  • MEPCO gives revenge for bill installment for a single month.
  • Once the installment plan is accepted, the consumer must pay the monthly and most recent billing amounts.
  • During the payment of bill installment, MEPCO consumers must pay the current monthly bill and bill installment without any additional charges.
  • Furthermore, the consumer may have to pay the interest based on the bank’s rate.

How to Apply for Installment of Electricity Bill and Extension of Due Date

To apply for the installment of the electricity bill and extension on the due date, please follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Contact the Relevant MEPCO Officers

MEPCO bill installment approval has different approval authorities based on the bill amount; I have clarified which authority you need to get approval from below the table.

Competent OfficerExtension of the due date for payment of billsInstallments of Bills
Assistant Manager OperationMaximum of 03 days for bills up to Rs. 50,000/-03 monthly installments for the amount of the bill up to Rs. 50,000/-
Deputy Manager OperationMaximum of 03 days for bills up to Rs. 200,000/-03 monthly installments for the amount of the bill up to Rs. 200,000/-
Manager OperationMaximum 05 days for bills up to Rs. 500,000/-04 monthly installments for the amount of the bill up to Rs. 500,000/-
Director CommercialMaximum 05 days for bills up to Rs. 1000,000/-05 monthly installments for the amount of the bill up to Rs. 1000,000/-
CSDA maximum of 8 days for bills up to Rs. 20 million12 monthly installments for the amount of the bill up to Rs. 20 million
CEOMaximum 10 days for all amountsFull powers for all amounts

Step 2: Submit the application

Write the application to the Mepco officer for installment or extension of the due date. In the application, you must include your details, for example, name, CNIC number, contact number, and reference number, with valid reasons for applying for installments. Also, mention the installment amount you can pay easily.

Step 3: Application review process

Once you apply, the MEPCO team will review your application and verify the information you provided. The MEPCO team will inform you about the approval or rejection of your application based on your previous billing history. 

Step 4: Agreement of terms and conditions

When your application is accepted, the company will provide the agreement form. In this form, the installment amount and due dates are mentioned. The consumer will only pay additional charges on the bill due date.

How to Pay MEPCO Bill in Installment in 2024

After your application is approved, the most important thing is to remember the due date of the installment to avoid the late surcharge. You can set reminders to remember the due date of the bill. 

Customers should take proactive measures to reduce the possibility of late payment costs. Setting up a reminder on your phone or using an approved bill-paying mobile app are two simple solutions. This way, you may receive timely bill payment reminders by SMS or email.

Pay MEPCO Bills Through the Bank

The most reliable and secure process for paying MEPCO bill in installments is through the bank. You can pay the MEPCO bill in installments and dues by visiting the nearest branch of the approved bank or online through their official apps. MEPCO customers pay their bills through the following banks:

Pay your MEPCO Bills through Mobile Applications

You may use the Easypaisa and JazzCash mobile applications to conveniently pay your monthly installments and billing dues from your home. These reliable and secure apps allow you to pay your bills with a few simple clicks on your mobile phone.

Pay your MEPCO Bills through Nadra e-Sahulat.

Nadra e-Sahulat provides a secure, more reliable way to pay monthly bill installments. It provides good customer support, which makes it more user-friendly. Nadra e-Sahulat gives you payment receipts through SMS and email after the dues are clear.

Frequently Asked Question

You can pay the MEPCO bill in installments through Easypaisa and the Jazzcash app. 

Currently, the MEPCO has discontinued bill installment services. 

You contact the relevant MEPCO officer and write the application for the MEPCO bill in installments.

Yes, you can pay your bills after the due date, but you must pay a late surcharge.

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