MEPCO Bill Calculator 2024 – Units Bill Estimator

Due to the everyday change in electricity tariff rates, calculating the exact amount of the bill is a headache for many customers. To solve this problem you can use the MEPCO Bill Calculator. By using this calculator you can effectively design your monthly budget. 

Electricity Bill Calculator

Electricity Bill Calculator

Important Note: The real amount may be different from the calculated amount if it doesn’t include FPA ( Fuel Price Adjustment) or QTR Tax.

How To Use the MEPCO Bill Calculator?

MEPCO Bill Calculator

Use the following steps to use the Bill calculator:

  • Press the indicated button to access the Bill Calculator option.
  • After clicking, a new tab will open, presenting the Bill Calculator.
  • Enter your consumed units in the provided box to determine your bill amount.
  • To find out your current month’s units, refer to the image on your bill or inspect your electricity meter.
  • Calculate your current month’s units by subtracting the previous month’s units from the current reading.
  • Peak hours refer to times of highest electricity consumption.
  • MEPCO advises minimizing electricity usage during these peak hours.
  • From April to October, peak hours are between 6:30 PM and 10:30 PM.
  • From November to March, peak hours fall between 6 PM and 10 PM.

Benefits of The Calculator

The Benefits of the Calculator are as under:

The Utility of the Calculator

This calculator serves as a reliable tool for addressing billing discrepancies.

Preemptive Billing Calculations

At times, it’s necessary to calculate electricity bills before they arrive to manage monthly budgets effectively.

Real-Time Price Updates

MEPCO’s online service ensures that unit prices remain up-to-date, enhancing the accuracy of calculations.

Convenience of Online Service

This service eliminates the need to wait for a bill, allowing users to independently check their electricity meters and calculate bills.

Seamless Usage

Users can simply input their consumed units into the calculator to obtain an updated amount for billing.

Important Note: It is necessary to know that this calculator only provides price per unit.

The additional charges that MEPCO includes in the bill must be checked.

MEPCO Unit Rate For Domestic Connections

This consumption calculator is the need of the hour for every Pakistani. You just need to know the per unit price at different levels for calculating authentic and reliable results. The unit rates for the domestic connection are under:

    Units Consumed        Rate per Unit
Consumed Units: 1 to 503.95
Consumed Units: 51 to 1007.74
Consumed Units: 101 to 20010.06
Consumed Units: 201 to 30012.15
Consumed Units: 301 to 70019.55
Consumed Units: More than 70022.65

Although this tool is designed to be user-friendly yet it’s necessary to make you acquainted with its functions for correct usage.


MEPCO, an easy-to-use online service, assists in solving the everyday challenge of determining electricity charges based on consumption. In today’s world, where budgeting is crucial, this service holds significant importance. MEPCO offers detailed current bill information and a year’s worth of billing history, including charges, due dates, meter reading dates, and post-due date amounts. These services, available for free on our website, aid in effective monthly budget management.

Additionally, MEPCO features a unit calculator to determine the latest unit charges. Simply input the units consumed by subtracting the current meter reading from last month’s. This allows for quick estimation of the bill amount. Whether you’re a homemaker, employee, or business owner, MEPCO’s tool saves time and ensures accurate, updated calculations, preventing errors.


Yes, you can use it manually by using the Wapda calculation method. Just deduct units of last month from the current month unit consumption and multiply it by the per unit price.

Yes, it almost works accurately depending on the input data provided by the user.

Although it is designed for residential use yet it can be used for commercial purposes.